Beautiful Day, Lovely Patrons

After a few Saturdays of chilly, drippy weather, which found this librarian and her paperbacks decidedly damp, today was a very sunny day and the weather matched the people, for the most part. Right away Brian showed up and returned 2 books, and checked out 2 more. He is definitely a shy, quiet person -- opted not to have his photo taken again. It was great to see him, and great to send him off with 2 new titles. Chris returned "Dirty Tricks" and Jeffrey G. brought a whole bunch of RA Salvatore books to donate that have been on my Request list. A woman named Sharron Volkman stopped by to donate a paperback, and a traveler named Isla donated 5 bucks before she checked out a few books. A guy named Robert requested some of the Forbidden Gospels, especially Enoch, he said. Jim came around to show off his handsome sanded walking sticks. Kreeg Peeples from Potluck in the Park stopped by. His business card says "Serving anyone in need since 1991." His organization feeds hundreds of people every Sunday at 3 p.m., rain or shine (at O'Bryant Square, 9th & SW Washington). They've seen an incredible spike in the number of people needing assistance in the last couple of years, and see more families & children as well. The Street Books library saw a mix of regulars and newcomers today, and it was great to see how many books went out. Lots of interest in the project, and support via donated books and donated $ on the Sponsor a Book page. Thanks everybody, and I'll keep you posted.