All the Leaves Are Brown, And the Sky is Gray

So sang the Mamas & the Papas in the Park Blocks, at the start of the Street Books library shift. Background music for the car show at the art museum, and a nice floaty backdrop for this librarian to listen to as she organized books, (subsequent songs weren't as good, sadly. A few were even bad). Ben came by and returned Dog Eats Dog ("Hated it. It's like it took the whole book just to tell a joke.") and Travels With Charley, John Steinbeck's book about traveling America with his dog, ("Didn't even like the dog," Ben said.) Ben's still working his way through A Prayer for Owen Meany, (isn't liking it, but now he feels compelled to find out what happens to Owen Meany), so he declined a new book. As he left, I asked him if there was any book I could get for him that he might like. "I know, maybe international intrigue, tracking down a killer...that sort of thing." He smiled wryly and headed off.

Dante showed up on a bicycle, a gift from several of his newspaper customers. He had a hot shower today and was wearing clean clothes, and he looked and felt like a million bucks. Dante is a newspaper vendor for Street Roots and has developed a lot of great relationships with customers, has gotten some recent odd jobs to earn money, and is serious about getting a regular job. He's also quite articulate when it comes to explaining why everyone should read Don Quixote. (See video posted soon).

Jim-the-Walking-Stick-Maker stopped by to say hello, as he does most Saturdays.

Beth Chapman stopped by to observe the library shift and help out, (she even brought me an iced tea!). She is a librarian who is very interested in working with people who live outside, and it was great to have her today. Mycol requested a book about the raw food diet, so he'll know what vegetables to grow, and Beth took on the quest to find him the perfect book. Thanks again, Beth.

Chelle Dey stopped by the library and donated copies of Clan of the Cave Bear and Eclipse. Thanks again for the books and the great conversation.

Marjorie Sharp lives downtown and stopped by to let us know she's got lots of books to donate. Nice to meet you, Marjorie.

All in all, a really wonderful Saturday of book-lending and great conversations. Thanks again to all my patrons, and to all of you who have donated books, money, and time to the Street Books project.