"Orfan" Finds a Home at Street Books

Corie Skolnick spent much of her time writing her book, "Orfan" - which was published at the first of the year -  right here in Portland, Oregon.  She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a  psychology instructor at California State University, Northridge and Moorpark College.  She is in town for an upcoming reading of her book at the Huffman Center in Manzanita, Oregon on August 20.

Corie pedaled over to Street Books after reading about our project on Sam Sattler's blog, Book Chase.  She stopped by to donated signed copies of her book, "Orfan" and two others:  "The Crime Writer" by Gregg Hurwitz and "Becoming Patrick" by Patrick Mcmahon.  We are honored to grace our shelves with your book Corie!  Best of luck to you and thanks!


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