Mycol Saves the Day!

Here's a great example of how the connections with people made through Street Books endure -- and often serve to bail us out of tight spots. This past July, Mycol came by the Park Blocks and we had a great conversation. He talked about how he'd been without housing in the past, but now has an apartment. He talked about his new interest in gardening and farming, and when I asked him if he had a book request, he said he'd love to get a raw foods book. Street Books volunteer Beth Chapman found him a perfect book called Living Cuisine, and the next week we looked for him at the shift. And the next week, and the next. We didn't see Mycol again. Until Wednesday. I was standing in the Field Work space, temporary home to the Street Books bicycle, wondering how I would get it down from the wood platform in the window. I'd already emptied it of books, so it would be light enough, but wrangling the tricycle down by myself was going to be impossible. Then out the window I saw Mycol. I ran to the front door and called his name. "Wow, good memory," he said. He was very happy to help me set the bike library down out of the window, and even happier to get his copy of Living Cuisine, which had been riding around in the library all of August. So here's to Mycol, and here's to the connections made this summer with all of our patrons. We thank them for their participation and all the ways they have helped us.