All Signs Point to Yes

When the question was, do people living outside need a library? Is it really something that will help? The answer was yes. When we wondered, will people step up and help finance our fall & winter library, the answer was yes! (we met our $4,000 goal in 2 weeks, and people continue to donate to the kickstarter campaign -- as of this writing, we're at $4, 724. We have 68 hours remaining to hit $5,000. If you know of others who have been meaning to donate to Street Books, please spread the word). We began our fall library on Wednesday, October 5th. Skidmore Fountain was emptier than usual, and a crisp wind skittered the autumn leaves across the square. Several of our regular patrons came to find us, to check out new books and catch up. Passersby paused to study the collection, and to offer help. Sarah Mirk from The Mercury stopped by to say hello, and a man named John Scaife asked what he could do to help the project. He's a retired electrician who lives downtown, and he said he'd help us with our search for downtown book storage. Thanks, John.

And thanks, all of you, for your support of our Street Books project. We will continue to run our twice weekly library shifts (details on location/days/times will be announced next week), and each week we'll keep you posted on the unfolding stories of our patrons. Happy fall!