An Event & An Ailing Patron

We'll start with the ailing patron. One of our most faithful readers is Eric, a slight man in his 70s, who's been checking out books since June. If you follow this blog, you will know him by his cowboy boots, bolo tie, his One Way: Jesus baseball cap. He was also featured on KGW's channel 8 news, when Sue presented him with a pair of cowboy boots donated by a Street Books supporter. Eric has had a rough go of it lately, with pneumonia and heart problems that resulted in a recent hospitalization. He's currently got a week or two at a motel downtown, but he is weak and not eating well. A small group of people from Right2Dream, plus Sue Zalokar and I from Street Books are checking in on him and taking him meals. Our hope is that he'll soon have guaranteed shelter and can really rest and heal. We'll keep you posted. Keep him in your thoughts. The Event: Street Books is pleased to announce a book drive in conjunction with Ecotrust's annual bake sale to benefit the Raphael House. It's a great opportunity to come unload some paperbacks, and eat a tasty baked good. We'd love to meet you in person, or say hello to old friends.

Date: Thursday, December 15. 11-4 pm

Location: Ecotrust building, Atrium: 721 NW 9th Avenue (9th & Johnson)

More details here.

Thanks everybody, and hope to see you there.