Another Street Books Summer

Last Wednesday as I prepared new books for the street library, affixing the sticker and putting cards & pockets inside the front cover of each, I felt very grateful that Street Books is alive and well after a year. We began our summer shifts on June 9th, and with the exception of one rainy Saturday, we've been out every Wednesday & Saturday since. We have seen a few familiar faces, and met many new patrons. We continue to get great support from passersby, who stop to inquire how they can help with the project. The answer to that question, for now, is this: We currently have hundreds of paperbacks in our library, which we will use to fill the cart this summer. What we could most use now are donations to buy requests for people. For $5-12, we can buy a used paperback from a local independent bookstore, and match that paperback to the patron who requests it. This week one of our librarians, Beth Chapman, will buy a copy of Clive Cussler's Skeleton Coast, and a couple of short story collections by Ray Bradbury. Those are requests that have come in, and we are glad to fill them. If you'd like to help us at Street Books, please consider making a donation. Street Books takes a short break this week for the 4th of July, and resumes operation on Wednesday, July 11, at Skidmore Fountain from 10-1. Saturday shifts are held at the Park Blocks @ Salmon Street. Come by for a visit anytime. Thanks again for your support.