AB Returns

A.B. Lewis, security guard extraordinaire, & long-time Street Books supporter, stopped by for a visit at our Skidmore Fountain shift. A.B. was our very first visitor a year ago, in June, when he asked this street librarian for a permit. After I told him we didn't sell books, but were a library for people living outside, he got behind the project in a big way. In fact, all last summer, if he saw people loitering in the square holding a bag of books to donate, or looking to return one to our library, he'd stop to talk with them, and tell them when we'd be back for a shift. By the end of the summer, I offered to get A.B. a book, any request, as thanks for his support. On Wednesday he told me that he still had the book I'd gotten for him, and that it had started to bother him that he'd never returned it. I expect we'll see him soon with a return. In the meantime, great to see you again, old friend. 20120715-184037.jpg