Street Books Featured on The Big Read

Thanks to Rebecca Gross with the National Endowment for the Arts, who interviewed us at Street Books this past week. Check us out on their great blog, The Big Read. Thanks again, Rebecca! In other Street Books news, this past Wednesday was a very fine shift, with none of the rain the weather-folks had predicted. In fact we had some golden sunshine by the end of the shift. Mama Chewy is wicked addicted to the Harry Potter series, and I'm searching for a copy of books #3 and #4 (Prisoner of Askaban & Goblet of Fire). It was Mark's birthday on Wednesday, and he requested 2 Ray Bradbury titles (his favorite), I Sing the Body Electric and R is for Rocket. For those of you who attended the Street Books reception in September, you'll remember Mark as the speaker who talked about how he'd met Ray Bradbury as a young man, and how powerfully the author's work had affected him.

I didn't take any pictures during the shift -- felt like just talking with people. But I'll tell you instead of show you: Chris, a young man wrapped in an army blanket with ice blue eyes and a pierced nose took Jimmy Baca's memoir, A Place to Stand. Melissa took Trace & Hex in the City. Tony took a Louis L'Amour called Comstock Lode. There were others I didn't write down, patrons who are my Old Faithfuls, and newcomers who paused to peruse books and digest the idea of a street library. A woman named Joanne brought a giant box of paperback books to donate. We are grateful. Thanks to all of you who read this blog, and happy autumn to you.