Bit Hates Going to Cardboard

The writer Jess Walter recently donated some of his books to the Street Books library. The first story in his collection, We Live in Water, is called "Anything Helps,"  and it starts like this:  Bit hates going to cardboard. But he got tossed from the Jesus beds for drunk and sacrilege, and he's got no other way to get money. So he's up behind Frankie Doodles, flipping through broken-down produce boxes like an art buyer over a rack of paintings, and when he finds a piece without stains or writing, he rips it down until it's square.  It's a great story, and we thank Jess for taking the time to get us books. The new summer 2013 shifts are underway, and the weather is more than cooperating. Tune in here for stories and updates, and as always, we thank you for your support of Street Books.