Woody Says Get a Goat

He asked why I didn't add a shelf to the inside of my bike, to carry more books. I said that weight was a consideration, since my street librarians and I cover a lot of miles in the city. He suggested I get a goat to pull the library, or better yet: a burro. We had a long conversation about the advantages of burros, (how they will lead you to water, which can be useful during end times), about mean people, about the original Thor movie, about ideas contained in Matthew 24 and the book of Daniel, and about how to separate the good from the bad in life. When the conversation got a little apocalyptic, I said "Leave me with something hopeful, Woody." He patted my shoulder and said everything was going to be okay. As he left, he said "Who wins? The guy with the water, that's who." And the way to water? A burro. 20130716-095527.jpg