Street Books Fall News

There's a nice write-up about Street Books by Peter Barnes in the fall issue of The Magazine, Eastern Washington's alumni publication. We had a really wonderful reception on September 17th in the Atrium Gallery, in downtown Portland. We ate good, warm food, and listened to street librarians and patrons tell stories. Also in attendance were Commissioner Amanda Fritz and the mayor's Chief of Staff, Gail Shibley. We appreciate the fact that they would make time in their busy schedules to attend our party.

The weather has been blustery lately, but our street librarians plan to continue running shifts into the first part of October, as the weather allows. Then we'll use some of the wettest months to get our library in order and to partner with great agencies like Sisters of the Road. Upcoming events and news will be posted here.

Big thanks to everyone who has donated books or funds to our project. We are doing well, and it's because of your support.