Word on the Street..

Is that Street Books librarians have checked out more than 200 books since the summer library shifts began! Big thanks to all our patrons for their support. We welcome back our returning librarians, Olive Alsept-Ellis, Ben Hodgson, Rachel Dawson, Pépe Espinoza, Pati Moran, Laura Moulton & Diana Rempe. We are happy to introduce you to our new librarians for the 2019 season: Marissa Sainte & Sofie Jokela.

Thanks to librarian John Boelling for hosting our onsite library hours (Thursdays, 10-1 - go say hello or drop off a box of books). Check out the new summer schedule and we look forward to seeing you out there. Want to sponsor a book for a patron? Consider donating to help us fill their requests. Our fall celebration will happen Thursday, September 19th this year, so save the date and we’ll see you there. Thanks again for your support of Street Books. We couldn’t do it without you.

Celebrate the Book!

This is pretty special: this Thursday, May 23rd, Commissioner Eudaly will declare it Street Books day! Don’t miss the proclamation she’ll read (6 p.m. sharp). It will very likely be the only proclamation ever read by a city commissioner that features a taxidermied armadillo called Armando, so you really don’t want to miss this. We’ll have a nice light supper and treats. Open mic for people to read a paragraph from a favorite book. Can’t wait to see you and celebrate Street Books patrons, books & community.

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Letters in March

Letter-Writing Club today at Street Books headquarters, with coffee & doughnuts and plenty of cards (donated by Egg Press - thank you, Egg Press!) So grateful for the library patrons who showed up to keep the art of the letter (and the postal system) alive. Thanks to board member Lori Woolf-Pollock who launched this project and for our Thursday volunteer, John Boelling, who built us the beautiful sandwich board. Thank you to pens. And to paper. Long live letters and the people who write them!

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Thank you, January

We've had lovely days at the library this month - so far our faithful patrons from St. Francis Park Apartments are coming in for good books & conversation and people are stopping by to donate books. The stellar Margaret Pinard, (herself a writer and bookseller at Another Read Through on Mississippi Ave) brought boxes of books. We've also been connecting with our patrons around the corner near the parish, where they continue to live outdoors, in tents, under bridges, occasionally in a vehicle. Last week I ran into J who said he'd enjoyed Mountains Beyond Mountains (by the writer Tracy Kidder) when we checked it out to him in the summertime. This week's goal: find J and give him the copy of Strength in What Remains, another nonfiction book by Kidder. This one tells the story of an immigrant named Deo who flees civil war and genocide in Burundi and arrives in New York with $200 to his name. If stories can help us inhabit the experiences of others, it occurs to us that these times call for us to read more of the lives of those who have left their home countries and set out in search of safer places to live and raise their families. We want to say thank you to our patrons, both indoors and outside, to supporters who give books and $ and to Catholic Charities for the ongoing partnership at St. Francis. We are so grateful for our community.

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Hello & Big News from Street Books

In September, we had the most successful fall fundraiser we’ve ever had, and were glad to see so many patrons attend.

(L-R) Pati Moran, Laura Moulton, Tracy Rimel, Patrick Crowley, Austin Allstadt, Diana Rempe

(L-R) Pati Moran, Laura Moulton, Tracy Rimel, Patrick Crowley, Austin Allstadt, Diana Rempe

The first annual Street Books summit in Austin was a great success. Five people from the Street Books crew (consisting of Pati Moran, Laura Moulton, Tracy Rimel, Austin Allstadt & Diana Rempe) combined forces with Patrick Crowley at the end of October to convene the summit. Patrick has established our first sister street library, where he runs shifts twice a week in downtown Austin, serving people without a fixed address. We discussed ethics & considerations around operating a street library, including how to best support our library patrons and build a community of support through literature on the streets. Our goal is to generate a short How-to guide that will assist other people and programs around the world who would like to establish their own street libraries.

We also want to let you know that on Tuesday, November 13th, Commissioner Eudaly's office will present Street Books with a Spirit of Portland award. If you're in Portland and can make it, please come raise a glass to celebrate with us. The Evergreen, [618 SE Alder], 6-8 p.m. 11/13/18.

Thanks as always for your support. Our street library is now 8 years old, and we could not have built this community without you. Big love from the whole team.

The Final Stretch: Celebrate with us this week!

Friends, don't miss our celebration this Thursday. The incredible Paul Susi will emcee again, and has this to say about Street Books:

Street Books is an amazingly powerful organization precisely because they're not attacking the vast, exponentially expanding problems of poverty, violence, oppression and addiction directly, with one-size-fits-all solutions or condescending, patriarchy-based policies. They are simply compassionate humans and neighbors, sharing their love of books, with other humans and neighbors, who seek those books. The opportunities for community, healing, and mutual support, all happen incidentally to this very simple and hugely critical mission. Streetbooks makes this city livable, for me.

There’s still time to buy your ticket or buy one for a patron, who will attend our event free of charge.

Thanks for your support and see you Thursday!

Help Street Books Meet the Match!

Street Books has been offered a generous matching grant by the Olive Bridge Fund, (who has donated money for the past 4 years now). They will match donations given to Street Books during the month of September up to $7,500! Please lend your support if you are able to, and spread the word about this great opportunity.

If you haven’t gotten tickets for our fall event, please do join us. All proceeds from tickets go toward the matching grant, so every bit helps.

Thanks for all your support.

The Street Books crew

Fall Celebration & Fundraiser - Come eat tacos with us!

It's the annual Street Books Party. Join us as we celebrate the eighth year of operation and honor the patrons who have checked out books all summer long.

When: Thursday, September 20, 6-8 p.m.

Where: 237 NE Broadway, at the Lagunitas Community Room

Purchase a ticket  |  Facebook Event Page

What will be there?

  • Emceed by the fabulous Paul Susi
  • Taco bar by Los Gorditos *
  • Wine & Beer *
  • Onsite photo booth by artist Julie Keefe
  • The Book Divinator Machine (Back by popular demand! - Put a token into the slot to have a book magically divined for you.)
  • Music by Colectivo de Son Jarocho

There will be a short program featuring librarians and patrons from the season, and time to enjoy wine and beer with friends. We'll see you there!

* Ticket price includes tacos, beer, and wine.

(Can’t make the event, but want to support us? Consider purchasing a ticket on behalf of one of our patrons, who will attend free of charge.)


Paul Susi emceeing our 2017 Street Books celebration

Paul Susi emceeing our 2017 Street Books celebration

Hello From the Summer

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Ice Cream Social at St. Francis Park Apartments. We were so excited to see how many patrons were able to be there. Next big event for Street Books will be our annual fall celebration & fundraiser, Thursday, September 20, 6-8. Save the date, and we'll get you more details soon. Last big news: Street Books is going to Austin, Texas! Thanks to a grant from RACC , six librarians/staff will attend the Texas Book Festival in October, and attend a first annual street library summit with Patrick Crowley, who operates Street Books: ATX. Check out this recent feature on his project. Summer shifts continue to be bustling, even on Portland's sweltering days. Thanks for your continued support.

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Living in Literature

Pépe & Diana worked the shift this week at Sisters, and our patron Cornell was very glad to get his hands on Eileen Myles' book, Cool For You. Feels pretty perfect that Myles has written: "Living in literature and love is the best thing there is. You’re always home." Thanks for your support this summer, Portland.

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