Word on the Street..

Is that Street Books librarians have checked out more than 200 books since the summer library shifts began! Big thanks to all our patrons for their support. We welcome back our returning librarians, Olive Alsept-Ellis, Ben Hodgson, Rachel Dawson, Pépe Espinoza, Pati Moran, Laura Moulton & Diana Rempe. We are happy to introduce you to our new librarians for the 2019 season: Marissa Sainte & Sofie Jokela.

Thanks to librarian John Boelling for hosting our onsite library hours (Thursdays, 10-1 - go say hello or drop off a box of books). Check out the new summer schedule and we look forward to seeing you out there. Want to sponsor a book for a patron? Consider donating to help us fill their requests. Our fall celebration will happen Thursday, September 19th this year, so save the date and we’ll see you there. Thanks again for your support of Street Books. We couldn’t do it without you.