The Street Books Team

Diana Rempe, Board President, & street librarian, is a community psychologist who loves her family, cycling, and literature. She is committed to her community and social justice work.






Tracel Rimel, Treasurer, has a degree in Economics and has worked extensively in the field of accounting and finance. For the last six years she has been the Business Manager at a local non-profit.  She loves books and has a secret dream to become a short-story writer.  In her free time, if she is not reading, she enjoys biking, yoga, and cross-country skiing.



Laura Moulton, Founder, & street librarian,  is a writer and artist living in Portland, Oregon. She founded Street Books in 2011, and has taught writing in public schools, prisons, and teen shelters. She is an adjunct professor at Marylhurst University and Lewis & Clark College, and leads writing and art residencies in Portland high schools for Writers in the Schools.


Ben Hodgson, Board Member, Inventory Specialist, street librarian and Bad Pun Generator, was born in Illinois, and has lived in Utah and California. He has worked as a spudnut salesman, a newspaper deliveryman, as a miner in a fourspar mine, and a track laborer on a railroad. He was a computer technician in the Air Force and a cab driver for many years. He spent 3 ½ years living on the streets in Portland, Oregon and has written, published and lectured about these experiences. 





Rachel Dawson, Street Librarian







Katy Stevens, Street Librarian






Not pictured:

Redd Moon, Street Librarian

Byrd, Secretary

Betsy Holzgraf, Book Donations Wrangler, is a retired elementary school librarian and classroom teacher who has more interests than she has time. Outdoors she skis, rides her bike, golfs, hikes and takes urban walks around Portland. Indoors she enjoys various crafts, especially quilting and making greeting cards from photos, and of course, she is never without a book; A lifelong book lover, she has books in every room of her house. Betsy has lived in Buffalo, NY, the Portland area, Corvallis, Lake Tahoe and San Diego and back to the Portland area where she and her husband raised their two sons and have been in their house for 36 years.

Beth Chapman, Board President Emeritus grew up in Wisconsin and has always loved reading, libraries and research.  Her first job at 16 was in the local public library.  She attempted to make every job thereafter into a library job even if it wasn’t.  She has a degree in International Relations and went on to get her master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from UC-Berkeley to finally legitimize her passion.  She has worked in various libraries over the years including psychology, film, map, science, law, university and public libraries.  Besides books, she enjoys baking, yoga, walking, travel and sharing a good laugh.