Good News From All Directions

Street Books has been offered a matching grant on donations up to $10,000 (thank you, Olive Bridge Fund!) during the month of September. Your donations go directly to helping us make this match.

  • Join special guest author Karen Russell, at our annual fall event on September 19! Buy tickets for yourself and/or sponsor library patrons who attend for free.

  • Subscribe to our new Patreon - all September subscriptions go toward the match.

  • Street Books is collaborating with Portland Street Medicine in a dual fundraiser hosted by the XOXO festival (for independent artists who live & work online). The festival happens this weekend at the Washington High School building, stone’s throw from Street Books HQ — we are grateful that festival organizers Andy McMillan and Andy Baio are paying close attention to what’s going on in the streets around the festival and looking at ways they can support local efforts to take care of our neighbors living outside.