Street Books Makes a House Call

I had the opportunity to deliver a couple of westerns to long-time patron Eric, who is now receiving hospice care in a nursing home. He hails from Wyoming, and when he was living on the streets, he could often be seen wearing cowboy boots and a bolo tie. We have connected him with Louis L'Amour books since June, 2011, when we met him for the first time at Skidmore Fountain. He's been a great supporter of the project, and we are glad he's got a bed to sleep in now. One of this week's titles is The Long Ride Home. It ends this way: "Come, Amigo," Cabrizo said softly. "It is better we go. It is a long ride to Wyoming, no?"

"A long ride," Tensleep Mooney agreed, "an I'll be glad to get home."